Large Size Notes - 1861 to 1923 

United States Currency dates from 1861 when Demand Notes were first issued. All U.S. Currency issued from that date until now remains legal tender and can still be exchanged for full face value at any U.S. Bank. Only once in the past has the U. S. Government recalled any paper currency. This happened in 1933 when the Gold Reserve Act required all holders of Gold Certificates to exchange them for ordinary currency.


Small Size Notes - 1928 to Present


After 68 years of prosperity, our Large Size U.S. Currency felt the impact of modern times. Tons of ink and paper were required to produce our currency to an ever expanding economy. The currency needed to fulfill this new demand was astronomical. The government realized that many millions of dollars could be saved if our currency was reduced in size. So, this was the direction the U.S. Government took as on July 10, 1929 the first of the new small sized notes were placed into general circulation. The new small sized notes were reduced in size from 7.42 inches by 3.13 inches to 6.14 inches by 2.61 inches. This cost cutting measure saved the government millions of dollars in ink and paper annually.                                                                                      

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